Alina Sokulska

Alina Sokulska is an internationally acclaimed jazz dance artist, choreographer, performer, instructor and researcher.
She started her path as a solo dancer since the very early age gaining experience and knowledge in many dance styles and cultures.
Jazz dance has become her major passion and for the moment she is one of those jazz dancers elaborating on her own dance language with intertexts of swing, blues, bebop, tap dance, UK jazz, afro and latin, comprehending jazz as an African rooted artform.Through her theoretical researches of dance history and traditional jazz languages she broadens the limits of what is called “jazz dance” both in practice, art and a teaching approach, putting its intertexts into the radical perspective of contemporaneity.
ion and style. Everything.

Anne-Helene and Bernard

Anne-Helene & Bernard fell in love with Swing Dancing by the end of 1997… since there, they dance Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Charleston & Jazz Roots almost every day. Because of their special background (anne Helene is a dancer since she was 7 years old in ballet, modern jazz & contemporary, when Bernard started to be a musician and a sportsman) they became quickly known nationally, and then internationally. They started to teach and spread their passion in 2001. From there, they have been asked to teach in international workshop all over the world: USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and all over Europe : Sweden, England, Scotland, Netherland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Spain, Italia, Russia, Ukraine … and everywhere in France ! hey run their dance school in Toulouse, Studio Hop since 2001, have their own dance studio since 2003, where they teach every evening lindy hop, balboa, Charleston, jazz roots blues, in a relax and fun atmosphere.

They are specially known for their huge passion for the swing and the blues scenes, their musicality and unique style, the good balance in the couple. They have their own pedagogy, super precise, always in evolution, offering new ways of explanations, exercises and moves to make the dance easier and more comfortable. Creating a super comfortable atmosphere in class with a lot of humor and cheerfulness, they are very accessible and are happy to speak about the dancing and happy to dance with everybody during parties.

Fedor Nedotko

Fedor Nedotko was one of the first professional dancers in East European region to promote jazz dance, swing dance, African dance and salsa in the early 2000s. Based in St. Petersburg, Fedor remains one of the most influential instructors in Russia and its neighbor countries. He is a founder of Casa Latina dance club, where he has educated several generations of swing and salsa dancers, applying his fundamental approach of the African rooted nature of these major American social dance styles.

Fedor has started dancing as a ballroom dancer in his native city, Cherepovets, Russia, in 1990s, since 1994 – a member of “Bomond” dance theatre. Since 1998 Fedor has been living and working actively in St. Petersburg, two years after he discovered a world of social dance, traveling abroad and taking classes of its native Masters.

“For me, jazz is not an abstract music, it is, first of all, a dancing mood, a state of emotional excitement. I don’t follow any particular swingdance styles as all of them create unique swingdance world. I consider musicality, comfort, freedom and partnering to be the most important in dancing

Fedor Nedotko & Alina Sokulska blues

Fedor & Alina at SwingFest 2018!Никаких приличий 😀

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Fedor Nedotko‎‏ في الاثنين، ١٦ يوليو ٢٠١٨

Alina and Nicolas

Nicolas and Alina are united by a long story based not only on the common vision of dance, but also on real friendship, tested by time and distance. Their duet is harmonious and easy going. The classes with them – are kind of friendly meeting where everyone laughs, shares thoughts aloud, listens to the stories of the sensei, gets silent and flow into the dance…

They have already taught together in their native France, Belarus, and beyond , took prizes in competitions separately and in a couple. And the common passion for travel and sharing each time inspires them for new projects.

Since two years during every summer they have spent one month traveling around Russia. They taught in such a big cities as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Smolensk and Tyumen, spreading their feeling about blues as well as giving their energy to small communities to help them to grow…