Alina Sokulska

Alina Sokulska is an international dance artist, choreographer, performer, instructor and researcher. She has elaborated on her dance language through the inspiration and deep research and more than 12 years of practice of social dances, in a mix with contemporary dance techniques and movement research concepts.

Together with her group Giant Steps, Alina has been holding dance education programs for professional, amateur dancers, as well as for academic environments, sharing her dance improvisation approach through individuality, imagination and sophisticated musicality.

Currently Alina is collaborating with the top dance and music events, music bands, as well as working on experimental performance scenic pieces. She has taught at docent collaboration at Conservatori Superior de Dansa of Barcelona Institute of Theatre and was an official representative of dance at International Jazz Day’18 host by UNESCO and Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz. Alina is a founder and curator of Evolution Solo Weekend, a festival and a platform for education in social dances, and is carrying out her doctoral research on performance art at University of Barcelona’s Comparative Literature department.

You can find out more about Alina and her work on her website:

Nicolas and Alina

Nicolas and Alina are united by a long story, tested by time and distance. 

Having met each other once in Minsk and easily felt their duet harmonious and easy going. The classes with them, a fascinating mix of French charm and eastern austerity – after all are kind of friendly meetings where everyone laughs, shares thoughts aloud, listens to the stories of the sensei, gets silent and flows into the dance…

As each of them had their own dancing experience, their dancing style is rich in different techniques. Tango, hip-hop, classical, contemporary dance and later lindy hop and blues – all these different families of dance now help them in understanding mechanics and aesthetics of the body and way of moving according to traditions of different dances. Relying on feelings and self-expression, virtuously combining their experience in dance, with every dance they build their unique universe of blues.

Nicolas and Alina are based in Rennes (France), where they are organizing numerous events and teaching in a school called “Dance Addict”, established by Nicolas in 2014. They have already taught together in their native France, Belarus, and beyond, took prizes in competitions separately and in a couple. And the common passion for travel and sharing each time inspires them for new projects – they love traveling and inspiring smaller communities helping them to grow.Their passion in blues doesn’t stop at dancing only. The hunger for knowledge of history and blues culture pushed them to make regular research that finally turned into the idea of creating an unusual festival, called “Blues Spirit”, dedicated to discovering Blues Ethos.

Jean-Charles Zambo – Joyss

Jean-Charles aka JoYsS is well known for his multi-artistic experience.

He originally comes from Hip-hop Culture, where the mission of every dancer is to build up your own style and respect all inspirations without taking away any nature of it. 

His purpose is not to dance swing with “modern moves”… He just brings his own experience, challenges himself and tries to level up exactly like the old school dancers did in the golden age, as if they never stopped dancing until now. 

Through his numerous teaching and training courses all over the world, his famous performances like the “Drunk dance on Take Five”, his win of the 1st place solo Charleston at ILHC 2015 in Washington DC and many other notable endeavors he is one of the most accomplished French figures in the international swing scene today.

Another interesting thing is athat besides previosuly mentioned this, JoYsS has his own signature move in the video game Fortnite by Epic Games. During his career he has also worked for artists like Rita Mitsuko, Mika, La Femme, and even prestigious brands like Hermès and Tommy Hilfiger. Now he performs at Caravane Palace concerts and music videos, and is part of the cast of the Fashion Freak Show by Jean-Paul Gauthier.

Vicci and Adamo

Adamo and Vicci are well known international blues dance instructors who are teaching, performing and dancing with as many people as possible at Blues and Swing dance events worldwide. 

Adamo has a professional qualification in teaching adults and he sees his role as teacher to facilitate the classroom in response to learner’s needs, enabling all students to achieve their potential. His classes focus on highlighting the relationship between the dancers and the music and the importance of personal expression and creativity. He loves social dancing, teaching, competing, and listening to music, and spends his ‘spare’ time reading and learning about the history of the dance forms he loves so much. 

Vicci has a broad knowledge of dance and the body, training initially as a solo dancer and gaining a degree in Dance and Choreography, and a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. Her background in a variety of solo dances has been invaluable in her partner dancing, and she is known for approaching her dancing with grace, fluidity and a desire for joy!  She puts the music at the core of her teaching and believes in giving people the tools to become their own dancer and encourages all her students to find their own voice.

All in all, blues dance is their passion. What they love the most is the connection and the freedom of improvisation that dancing Blues can bring. Honoring the cultural values and the social context of Blues as an African American dance is a key part of their classes.