Here you will find all the info about the camp – from location, levels, teacher and musicians line-up all the way to accommodation and transportation to the camp. Make sure you read it carefully, so that your registration is smooth and easy!


The camp: August 18-20, 2023

Pre-party (optional): August 17, 2023


„Ruta“ resort, Molėtų reg. Kirneilės village, about 70km from Vilnius and 120km from Kaunas.


Alina Sokulska (UA)

Maria Malenkova (LT)

Flouer & Vittorio (US & IT)

Alina & Nicolas (FR & BY)

Lotte & Hamed (NL & AT)

Live music:

Stef Rosen (IT)

Jook House Blues (LT)

Vaiva’s Blues Band (LT)

Belkin & Sochin Duo (LT)

DJ Coordinator:

Hamed Jenabi (AT)

What is included in my pass?

The trip to the campsite takes roughly 1.5 hrs by bus.There will be an organized transportation service that will take you from Vilnius to “Rūta” resort (and vice versa). If you wish to have a seat in the bus – please mark this option during registration. Otherwise you have to organize transportation by yourselves. For the detailed departure times and meeting points, please check the registration form.

To “Rūta” resort:

Thursday, August 17, 2023: 19:00 from Vilnius Bus station

Friday, August 18, 2023: 10:00 from Vilnius Bus station

From “Rūta” resort to Vilnius on Sunday, August 20, 2023: in the afternoon, the bus will reach Vilnius around 17:00.

There will be meals provided – breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Thursday Pre-party* x
Friday x x
Saturday x x x
Sunday x x

*Thursday pre-party is not included in the pass and needs to be booked separately. But there will be food!


At the registration, please choose between standard (meat included) / vegetarian/ vegan meals. However, please note that the camp is not able to cater to all special dietary needs, therefore, if you have very specific needs, you will need to take care of yourself. We also recommend bringing your own snacks or drinks to make sure you are well equipped for dancing all night long!

You can select among three options: Solo Blues track (FULL PASS) , Partnered Blues track (FULL PASS)  and Party pass.


In order to provide the best learning opportunities, in the Partnered Blues Track the dancers will be grouped according to their dance experience.

Price before            April 13 Price from           April 14
Party pass 180 230
Solo Blues pass 220 270
Partnered Blues pass (per person) 220 270

*Prices are valid if your payment is received before April 13, 2023. Please note that starting from April 14, 2023 the price for the camp will increase (+50 Eur).


Please note that there are NO GROUP or country discounts this year. However, we understand that each person’s situation is different, therefore if for any reason you think that a discount is a must for you, please register not to lose a spot in the camp and write us an email with a motivational letter shortly after your registration. We will grant a limited number of discounts for those who will contact us with a registration and solid motivation before 13th of March, 2023. 

Money refund:

  • Before June 1: we return all amount except bank transfer charges;
  • Before July 31: we return 50% of all amount;
  • After August 1: no refunds possible. However we can help you find someone to take your spot in the camp – just consult the organizing team.

“Rūta” resort has an authentic vintage feeling to it. Spending a weekend here does feel like traveling back in time, and the accommodation is rustic, yet comfortable to spend the weekend dedicated to relaxing and dancing blues.

The prices indicated are for STANDARD accommodation – each house has its own fireplace and a mini kitchen, with 3 to 7 beds in each room. WC and shower are in general facilities. There is a spot for barbeque near each house.

Standart accommodation

There is an option to upgrade to COMFORT accommodation (WC and shower inside) – please check the second page of registration to select this one. The resort has 90 beds in small rustic cottages with hot water, WC, showers inside a house for 8 people – this is what we call „COMFORT accommodation“ – if you want the spot in comfort accommodation, hurry to register, as these come on a “first come- first served” basis. 

Comfort accommodation

Every participant will have 8 hours of Blues classes taught by the best teachers ever!

Classes start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday (please schedule your trip knowing that on Sunday you will reach Vilnius at around 17:00).

At Bluesila we aim to create a good and comfortable learning environment for all the dancers. All the participants are responsible for it, therefore we ask you to carefully read level descriptions and choose your level honestly. After all, these level descriptions only tell you where you’ll get the most out of the classes – and nothing more!

That being said, teachers and organizers may move you to a level more suitable for you or to meet the camp’s needs and ensure the best learning experience.

Solo track is OPEN level.

Find the description that represents you best. These descriptions are made to reflect both options – whether you dance blues actively, or you are just getting back to the scene and want to refresh and build up your skills:

Level 1

I have been dancing blues regularly for less than a year, actively attending classes and workshops as well as social dancing OR I used to dance blues a few years earlier, but I have stopped and now am coming back and I want to refine my basics and learn something new to add to my dance vocabulary – be it a styles, moves or technique.

Level 2

I have been actively attending classes, workshops and social dancing for 1-3 years. I attend 1-3 international events a year OR I used to take classes a while ago, but I go to socials, workshops and international events on a regular basis. I want to further develop my skills and confidence in dancing and improvising.

Level 3

I have been dancing regularly for 3-5 years and I can comfortably lead/ follow basic moves and some complex ones. I am comfortable with more than a few solo blues moves. I know about different blues styles, I can adapt my dancing according to the music.I don’t miss any social dancing in my town and I attend 3-5 international events a year OR I only actively social dance, attend more than 5 international events a year taking classes there.

Level 4 

I have been dancing regularly for more than 5 years, doing as many workshops and events as possible. I have some experience under my belt – I have done competitions, done showcases and I could talk about blues music and dance for hours OR before my break I was regularly attending advanced blues dance classes for a long time and I still continue to actively social dance.

Level 5 

I am extremely passionate about blues and I mean it – I have put in my time learning and I am sharing my knowledge – I am a blues dance teacher at my local dance scene or international blues dance teacher. 

2 grand parties on Friday and Saturday with live music, contests, showcases. Several dance floors will be available (including a smaller fusion space), so get those dancing shoes ready! 

Also, an additional Saturday picnic party by the lake with live music (and dancing both by or in the lake!).

Also, you can join us for a traditional BBQ pre-party…

Bluesila’s open-air BBQ pre-party is a long standing tradition – an informal “no suits” party with BBQ, talks, dancing, maybe some live music but nothing formal – just a cozy, relaxed atmosphere to meet old friends and make new ones!

Important: this year pre-party INCLUDES FOOD – there will be a BBQ-style meal served, but we also suggest bringing extra food/snacks and drinks for the BBQ as well, so that you can immerse in an activity we do a lot here in Lithuania – spending a lovely summer evening by the fire making conversations and memories.

You will be hosted in the same house/bed as planned for the festival.

Volleyball, basketball, football, tanning in the sun, resting in the shade, swimming in the lake… you name it! You are all welcome to bring your own equipment for any activities.

Double wall stainless steel insulating vacuum flask 500 ml. Lid in bamboo with carry handle.
0,274 KG

This is a preliminary schedule for planning only and it is a subject for corrections and minor changes

Q:So what exactly is included in the pass price?

A: Classes pass (either solo or partnered):

  • 8 hours of classes
  • Friday and Saturday parties with live music and great DJs
  • Saturday picnic party by the lake with live music
  • Accommodation in standard housing
  • Meals


Party pass:

  • Friday and Saturday parties with live music and great DJs
  • Saturday picnic party by the lake with live music
  • Accommodation in standard housing
  • Meals


Q: What is not included in the camp price?

A: You can add these things additionally (and we will take care of it):

  • transportation to and back from the camp;
  • comfort accommodation;
  • competitions;
  • drinks from Bluesila bar;
  • merch (like T-shirt, bottles, etc).
  • pre-party – with bbq and live music


Q:Do you accept volunteers?

A: At this moment we have our volunteer team ready. However, follow our social media – if something changes, we will let you know,


Q:I want to DJ. Whom should I talk about it?

A: Good question! Please get in touch with our DJ coordinator Hamed Jenabi 


Q:I have a showcase and I want to perform! Where do I sign up for that?

A: That is awesome! Write a comment at your registration form and get in touch with Dmitrij Ivanov, who is in charge of the performances at the camp.


Q:What happens after the registration?

A: After you register you will receive an email with a copy of the answers. Save it in case you need to check/amend your choices later. Within a few days of registration you will get an email with payment info. Please pay as soon as you can to secure your spot, as we will confirm your participation upon receiving the payment. If you have some problems paying instantly, please let us know so that we can find a solution.


Q:I want to get a discount. Is it possible?

A: We understand that each person’s situation is different, therefore if for any reason you think that a discount is a must for you, please register not to lose a spot in the camp and write us an email with a motivational letter shortly after your registration. We will grant a limited number of discounts for those who will contact us with a registration and a sound motivation before 13th of March, 2023. 


Q:What if I arrive in Vilnius at a different time and I cannot catch any of the buses that you offer?

A: Please plan your trip in a manner that you can catch a bus. Otherwise, use Facebook event to look for a ride.


Q:I need to leave camp earlier, what to do?

A: Talk to your new friends – maybe there is someone that can give you a lift? Also talk with organizers, there might be someone that can give you a lift to the bus stations at a nearby town. We usually are able to find an early transport to everyone in need.


Q:Can I buy drinks/food in the camp?

A: Of course! As per usual, we will have a food truck so you don’t go hungry during the party as well as Bluesila bar with drinks and snacks at friendly prices. That being said, you are very welcome to bring your own drinks and food to the camp.


Q:Is there a shop nearby?

A: Yes, there is a shop 10 mins by car.


Q:I realized that I need to change my classes level, how can i do it?

A: classes are balanced so it is not always possible to go level down or up, before doing that please:

  1. attend all your classes on Friday at a level you were assigned;
  2. consult with the teachers and if they agree that you should be moved – contact Dmitrij in the camp and he will try to arrange a spot at another group


Q:Something is broken / not working in my house. What do I do?

A: Immediately contact camp administration or the organizers.


Q:I would like to switch my house or join other house?

A: This is possible, but before doing that, please inform the organizers.


Q:Can switch beds inside the house?

A: Feel free  to do it.


Q:Can I drink tap water at the camp?

A: Absolutely yes.