„Ruta“ resort, Molėtų reg. Kirneilės village about 70km from Vilnius and 120km from Kaunas. Vilnius route, Kaunas route


21th August (Friday) 13:00 to 23 th August (Sunday) 18:00


1. Bernard and Anne-Helene (FR)
2. Nick and Ilaria (UK)
3. Alina Sokulska (UA)
4. Brenda Russell (US)
5. Lisa and Fabien (FR)

Maybe more?


Live music:

1. Hot Engines Band (RU)
2. Good Company Band (UA)
4. Aleksandr Belkin and the Band (LT)
5. Bernard Cavasa (FR)
6. NoNameBluesBand (BY)


There will be the camp’s hired transportation service between Vilnius and “Rūta” resort (and vice versa). If you wish to have a seat there – please, check in during registration. Otherwise You have to organize transportation by yourselves. For the detailed times and departure points – information you will find in registration form.

To “Rūta” resort:

Thursday 19:00
Friday 10:00

Bus from camp will reach Vilnius on Sunday 17:30


Friday– dinner, supper; Saturday– breakfast, dinner, supper; Sunday– breakfast, dinner.

You will be able to choose between normal, no meat and no meet/fish meals. Please note that the camp is not able to provide special diet needs, you will need to take care of yourself.

Camp Price*:

Price   . Before May 31 After May 31
Party pass 125 Eur 145 Eur
Solo Blues classes 165 Eur 185 Eur
Partnered Blues classes (per person) 165 Eur 185 Eur

One of our goals is to improve and increase local blues dance scene, so we give a 20 Eur discount for local dancers who registered for the FULL PASS (solo or partnered).

We are always happy to welcome bigger groups (5+ couples) and we are open for discount negotiations. Please contact us by e-mail bluesdancelt@gmail.com.

* Price valid if paid before the due date, not only registered

Money refund:

  • Before June 1 we return all amount except bank transfer charges
  • Before July 31 we return 50% of all amount
  • After August 1 money are not returned, but you can always find someone instead of you after consulting organisators


The prices are for STANDARD accommodation – apartments have their fireplace and mini kitchen, there are 3 to 7 beds in each room. WC and Shower is in general Facilities. Barbeque place near each house.

There is an option to upgrade to COMFORT accommodation (WC and shower inside) – please check the second page of registration. Resort has 90 beds in comfortable cottages with hot water, WC, showers – this we call „COMFORT accommodations“.


Every participant will have 8 hours of Blues classes WITH the best teachers ever!

Classes start on Friday afternoon and finish on Sunday (please schedule your trip knowing that you will reach Vilnius at 17:30) .


2 grand parties on Friday and Saturday with live music, contests, showcases. Several dance floors will be available.


You will be hostet in the same house/bed as planned. There will be no meals, but – bring what you want, we will have a „no suits“ barbeque, talks, dancing, maybe some live music, but no formal things, just cozy, relaxed atmosphere to meet old and make new friends!


Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Water activities. You all are welcome to bring your own equipment for any activities.